Nova Cozinha do T2 Ocean New Kitchen

(English below)

Aqui estão as fotos mais recentes da cozinha “open space” do T2 Ocean.  Logo que possivel faremos as sessões fotográficas para ambos apartamentos OCEAN (T1 e T2) mas por enquanto vamos ter de aguardar pois já temos hóspedes durante as próximas 4 semanas nestes apartamentos. Pedimos a vossa compreensão. Muito obrigado!


Please find above the latest pictures of the new T2 OCEAN’s open space kitchen. As soon as possible we will make photo sessions for both OCEAN apartments (1-bed and 2-bed) but for now we will have to wait because there are already guests enjoying these newly remodeled apartments over the next 4 weeks. We ask for your understanding. Many thanks!


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