Novos parquímetros em Monte Gordo – Paid street parking introduced

A Câmara Municipal de Vila Real de Santo António está a instalar parquímetros nas ruas turísticas de Monte Gordo (para além dos parques de estacionamento existentes) e no descampado localizado em frente do hotel Vasco da Gama.

HORÁRIOS E PREÇOS – ruas e parques das zonas turísticas de Monte Gordo

1 de junho a 15 de setembro

Segunda a domingo: das 9h00 às 22h00

Preço por hora: 0,80 €

—— English —–

Starting in the summer of 2016 all streets and parks in the touristic zones of Monte Gordo will have paid street parking from 9am to 10pm. This will be enforced solely during June 1st to September 15th. Price: 0,80 € per hour.


2 thoughts on “Novos parquímetros em Monte Gordo – Paid street parking introduced

    • Every year the parking spots adjacent to the beach tend to be paid from the first or second week of June (depending on how fast the city installs the parking meters) until the second week of September (free the rest of the year), however many other street parking spots across town are paid the entire year but it is relatively easy to find a free parking spot from mid-September to May.

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