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Booking rating abril 17Graças ao reconhecimento dos nossos estimados clientes, o classifica a Seasun como o melhor alojamento em Monte Gordo – Muito Obrigado!!!

Gebaseerd op recensies van klanten, richt Seasun als de beste accommodatie in Monte Gordo – Veel Dank!!!

Thanks to our customers’ reviews, rates Seasun as the best lodging in Monte Gordo – Thank you very much!!!

Gracias al reconocimiento de nuestros estimados clientes, clasifica Seasun como el mejor alojamiento en Monte Gordo – Muchas Gracias!!!

En raison de la reconnaissance de nos chers clients, évalue Seasun comme le meilleur hébergement à Monte Gordo – Merci beaucoup!!!

Grazie al riconoscimento dei nostri stimati clienti, classifica Seasun come la migliore sistemazione a Monte Gordo – Grazie mille!!!


Portugal still cheapest holiday destination

“The country’s perennially popular southern coastal region, the Algarve, came top in the Post Office’s annual Holiday Costs Barometer, which takes into account the average price of eight essential purchases” – in The Telegraph, Jan 13th, 2017.

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Novos parquímetros em Monte Gordo – Paid street parking introduced

A Câmara Municipal de Vila Real de Santo António está a instalar parquímetros nas ruas turísticas de Monte Gordo (para além dos parques de estacionamento existentes) e no descampado localizado em frente do hotel Vasco da Gama.

HORÁRIOS E PREÇOS – ruas e parques das zonas turísticas de Monte Gordo

1 de junho a 15 de setembro

Segunda a domingo: das 9h00 às 22h00

Preço por hora: 0,80 €

—— English —–

Starting in the summer of 2016 all streets and parks in the touristic zones of Monte Gordo will have paid street parking from 9am to 10pm. This will be enforced solely during June 1st to September 15th. Price: 0,80 € per hour.

Algarve: the best place to live or retire

The Huffington Post, an American publication, has ranked Algarve as the “best place in the world to live or retire that nobody’s talking about”. Check it out:


O melhor Polvo – Best Octopus

Salt of Portugal

St. Luzia (Polvo) Composit

The best octopus in Portugal comes from Santa Luzia, a small village near Tavira in the Algarve. The locals proudly call it octopus capital.

The shores of Santa Luzia are full of small shrimp that attract the octopi. Old-time fishermen lay clay pots called “alcatruz” in the water. The octopi cuddle in these pots to sleep and get caught when the pots are removed from the water.

Younger fishermen don’t like to wait for the mollusks to fall asleep, so they prefer to use a “covo,” a plastic trap with a sardine inside.

Old timers swear that the octopus caught with the alcatruz tastes much better than the one caught with the covo. But young and old agree that Casa do Polvo is a great place to eat octopus. There are many preparations to choose from, including carpaccio, stewed, fried, and roasted. Our favorite is “polvo panado,” octopus combined with egg and bread crumbs and then…

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The extraordinary salt of Castro Marim

Salt of Portugal

Castro Marin Composit

The Romans loved salt. They used it to cook, to preserve food, and as a form of currency (the practice of paying soldiers in salt is the origin of the word salary). So, it is not surprising that the Romans settled in Castro Marim. This small town on the marshes of the Guadiana river produced great salt.

During the 20th century, this production became industrialized. The salt was harvested with heavy machinery that leaves plenty of chemical residues. It was then washed and processed to turn its grey color into white, striping the salt of magnesium, potassium, and other important minerals.

Artisanal producers abandoned their salt ponds and so did the fish and birds that used them as habitats. Centuries of knowledge about producing great salt was on the verge of being lost.

But then, the tide turned. In the late 1990s, a cooperative called Terras de Sal revived the artisanal salt trade. It invited a French…

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Renovação do T2 em abril 2016

Seasun Vacation Rentals decidiu fazer uma renovação do apartamento T2 este abril 2016 dirigida pelos arquitetos da Antonela + Pires, Arquitetura e Urbanismo. Este investimento vai aprimorar substancialmente este maravilhoso apartamento em frente ao mar e torná-lo realmente notável relativamente aos nossos concorrentes nos mercados de arrendamento e hotéis na zona de Monte Gordo. Este melhoramento vai incluir a renovação de ambas as casas de banho, instalação de novos aquecedores, colchões super confortáveis e sofá-cama, TV de tela plana, electrodomésticos, pintar o apartamento de novo, bem como adicionar outros elegantes detalhes arquitectónicos e decorativos. Vamos colocar fotos quando estiver pronto, que espera-se que seja em maio 2016.

Com os melhores cumprimentos,

A Equipa da Seasun Vacation Rentals.

Renovation of 2-bed apart. in April 2016

Seasun Vacation Rentals is renovating its 2-bedroom apartment this April 2016 led by a team of architects – Antonela + Pires, Architecture & Urban Planning. This investment will remarkably improve this truly amazing seafront apartment and make it really outstanding relatively to our competitors in the Monte Gordo rental and hotel markets. This endeavor will include the renovation of both bathrooms, install new heaters, super comfortable mattresses and sofa-bed, flat screen TV, appliances, repaint the entire apartment, as well as other architectural and decorative details. We will post pictures when its ready, which it is expected to be this May.

Kind regards,

The Seasun Vacation Rentals Team.