Algarve wins again: 2021 Europe’s Leading Beach Destination

The Algarve won the 2021 Europe’s Leading Beach Destination award attributed by the World Travel Awards. This is the 3rd consecutive year that Algarve wins such “oscar of tourism”. Algarve has won 8 times this award so far.


AVISO COVID: Certificado Digital ou teste para check-in (Covid tests or EU Vaccine Certificate required at check-in)

(FYI: English translation below Portuguese text)

O Governo Português deliberou esta quinta-feira, 8 de Julho de 2021, a necessidade de doravante apresentar o Certificado Digital (2 doses da vacina) ou um teste COVID negativo no acto do check-in em Hotéis e Alojamento Local em todo o território continental. Os tipos de teste aprovados são os seguintes:

  • Testes rápidos de antigénio (TRAg), na modalidade de autoteste, no check-in e com a supervisão dos responsáveis do Alojamento Local ou Hotel;


  • Testes rápidos de antigénio (TRAg), na modalidade de autoteste, realizado em farmácia até 24 horas antes do check-in;


  • Testes rápidos de antigénio (TRAg), verificado por entidade certificada, realizado nas 48 horas anteriores ao check-in;


  • Testes de amplificação de ácidos nucleicos (TAAN), conhecido por PCR, realizado nas 72 horas anteriores ao check-in.

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The Portuguese Government deliberated this Thursday, July 8, 2021, the requirement to present the European Digital Certificate (2 doses of vaccine) or a negative COVID test at check-in in Hotels and Local Accommodation throughout the territory continental. The approved test types are as follows:

-Rapid antigen tests (TRAg), in the form of self-test (autotest), at check-in and under the supervision of those responsible for the Local Accommodation or Hotel;


-Rapid antigen tests (TRAg), in the form of self-test, carried out in a pharmacy up to 24 hours before check-in;


-Rapid antigen tests (TRAg), verified by a certified entity, carried out within 48 hours prior to check-in;


-Nucleic acid amplification tests (TAAN), known as PCR, performed within 72 hours prior to check-in.

May 17 Portugal opens to UK and most EU tourists

The Portuguese Government has announced that on Monday (May 17) Portugal will allow entry to tourists from UK and EU countries with “less than 500 cases of infections per 100,000 people”, but “passengers must show a negative coronavirus (PCR) test on arrival” and done at most 72 hours prior to traveling. More details in links below.

News Source:

Website of the Portuguese Tourism Office:

Website of the Portuguese Borders Police:

Government announces new COVID-19 plan

March 11th, 2021

As the COVID-19 situation is again under better control after the Christmas Holidays spike, the Portuguese government just announced the plan to end the “confinement”. The link below gives you a summary of the measures and key dates in English, as well as a link to the original document in Portuguese. Briefly, the reopening of the activities that have been severely restricted since Christmas, for example bars and restaurants, will begin gradually on March 15 and the impact of the incremental freedoms assessed every 2 weeks. By April 5, outside seating (open air) in bars and restaurants will be allowed (with a maximum of 4 people per table). By April 19, indoor seating in bars and restaurants is expected to be allowed, and venues like shopping malls, theaters and cinemas will open. By May 3, there will be very little restrictions – e.g. big outdoor events will be allowed, and Weddings can resume at 50% indoor capacity.

Know that hotels and Lodging remain open, without any restrictions (besides the health and hygiene guidelines issued early in the pandemic). However, know there still are travel restrictions, particularly for countries NOT in the European Union.


Greetings from Portugal. Links below:


Portugal’s PM presents country’s “step-by-step” deconfinement plan: Monday sees life begin to open

The plan in PORTUGUESE (PDF file):

Click to access ee1fc1d28e242ad62c44c4084c516ce5_585c8a9a022613ca1fdd932e298063cf.pdf

Portugal awarded “Safe Travels” seal by WTTC

Portugal has been the first European country to receive the ‘Safe Travels’ seal awarded by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).  Such recognition certifies “destinations that comply with hygiene and safety rules and aims to give confidence to those who travel after restrictions to avoid the spread of covid-19”.

Description of the “Safe Travels” seal:

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Portugal: 2018 World Travel Destination Award

Portugal won for the second time the World Travel Destination Award! Found out more here:

Portugal wins Europe’s Leading Destination 2018 award

Portugal has been awarded “Europe’s Leading Destination 2018” by World Travel Awards, the entity that gives the Tourism “Oscars”. This is the second consecutive year that Portugal wins it.

More details here:



Monte Gordo, epicenter of food heaven

All the gastronomic pleasures depicted in the video below are located either in or so very close of Monte Gordo! Highly recommended!

The only thing the video is missing are the Monte Gordo’s fishermen. The ultimate secret known only to the few…. like a masonry thing.pescadores5

Portugal wins World Travel Awards

2017-Europe-travel awards

Ontem, dia 30 de setembro, várias entidades portuguesas ganharam “Oscars” em 37 categorias no 24º World Travel Awards – European Gala Ceremony em São Petersburgo, na Rússia. Nenhum outro país ganhou mais prémios. Como país, Portugal ganhou os seguintes prémios:

  • Europe’s Leading Beach Destination 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Destination 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Tourist Board 2017

***** ENGLISH *****

Yesterday, September 30th, Portuguese entities won “Oscars” in 37 categories at the 24th World Travel Awards – Europe Gala Ceremony in St. Petersburg, Russia. No other country won more awards. As a nation, Portugal won the following awards:

  • Europe’s Leading Beach Destination 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Destination 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Tourist Board 2017

Electronic-only paid highways in Portugal

Are you planning to drive around Portugal and explore its wonders? If so, be aware that there are some highways that you can only pay with a predetermined wireless payment system of your choice – these include a small number of roads (though one of them is A22, the main highway in Algarve). You do not want to be caught off guard because then you may end up being charged relatively hefty fees.portagem 1There are several options you can choose from: Easytoll, Tollcard, Tollservice, or Temporary Via Verde Device. Briefly, Easytoll associates your vehicle plate with a credit card, Tollcard is a prepaid ticket service, Tollservice is a 20 euros prepaid ticket with unlimited use for 3 days, and Temporary Via Verde Device is a short-term subscription contract. Also note that “these products are only valid for roads with electronic-only tolls”. Click here for detailed information from the official website (in several languages: PT, EN, FR, ES).

More, there is a fifth option that is applicable only to vehicles with Portuguese plates (e.g. rental car): ATM payment. To use this last option you need to get an ATM reference number online from the post office website (CTT), 48 hours after you used the highway. Then you go to any ATM terminal and use the “other services” option in their menu to process the payment using the reference number for your toll bill. You can read more details by clicking here.

We recommend you consider the fees your credit card provider charges for international transactions when deciding which option is best for you (e.g. the prepaid option may end up having a lower total cost).

You can enroll on these services at the airport or at the road border. If renting a vehicle, make sure to ask your rent-a-car provider for details about how they can service you on this matter. Below is a picture of the enrollment booths at the Spanish border near Monte Gordo – note that usually there are assistants there to help you with this process.Autovia-Infante

Click here to download (pdf file) the map of Portuguese highways per payment type, as of March 2017.

Lastly, know that in Portugal any road with an A# (e.g. A1) is a paid highway. More, road quality can be usually assessed by their terminology, in the following order (best to worst): A#, IP#, IC#, N#.

Safe travels and have fun!