Government announces new COVID-19 plan

March 11th, 2021

As the COVID-19 situation is again under better control after the Christmas Holidays spike, the Portuguese government just announced the plan to end the “confinement”. The link below gives you a summary of the measures and key dates in English, as well as a link to the original document in Portuguese. Briefly, the reopening of the activities that have been severely restricted since Christmas, for example bars and restaurants, will begin gradually on March 15 and the impact of the incremental freedoms assessed every 2 weeks. By April 5, outside seating (open air) in bars and restaurants will be allowed (with a maximum of 4 people per table). By April 19, indoor seating in bars and restaurants is expected to be allowed, and venues like shopping malls, theaters and cinemas will open. By May 3, there will be very little restrictions – e.g. big outdoor events will be allowed, and Weddings can resume at 50% indoor capacity.

Know that hotels and Lodging remain open, without any restrictions (besides the health and hygiene guidelines issued early in the pandemic). However, know there still are travel restrictions, particularly for countries NOT in the European Union.


Greetings from Portugal. Links below:


Portugal’s PM presents country’s “step-by-step” deconfinement plan: Monday sees life begin to open

The plan in PORTUGUESE (PDF file):

Click to access ee1fc1d28e242ad62c44c4084c516ce5_585c8a9a022613ca1fdd932e298063cf.pdf


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