COVID Rules update February 19, 2022

This Friday, February 18, 2022, the Portuguese Government reduced Covid-related restrictions again. For example:

  • Canada has been again added to the list of countries allowed for non-essential travel to Portugal (e.g. tourism).
  • Mandatory mask in closed spaces remains in effect, e.g. public transportation (with very few exceptions, like restaurants);
  • Access without restriction to events, bars and clubs and other public spaces/services.
  • The obligation to present a certificate or test was eliminated, except at border control, where the restrictions are maintained.
  • Mandatory negative test or recovery certificate, except for those who have already been vaccinated with a booster dose of the vaccine for at least 14 days, only when visiting care and nursing homes and health facilities.

Here is a link to the new law (in Portuguese; English link below as well):

Portuguese (original text): click here

English translation: click here

Please review these two main sources of information for the latest COVID-rules in Portugal

Website of the Portuguese Tourism Office (click here)

Website of the Portuguese Borders Police (click here)


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