Novos bares de Praia / All New Beach Bars

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A demolição dos antigos bares de praia em Monte Gordo já começou – a Câmara Municipal de Vila Real de Santo António tinha exigido que começasse a partir do dia 15 de novembro de 2017. As novas infraestruturas serão mais bonitas e amigas do ambiente, de modo a facilitar a preservação das dunas e da fauna circundante. Espera-se que os novos bares estejam em funcionamento por volta de março de 2018. Aqui ficam umas fotos das demolições em curso.


The demolition of the old beach bars in Monte Gordo has already started – the city hall of Vila Real de Santo Antonio demanded it to begin on November 15th. The news infrastructures will be more pleasant to the eye and environmentally friendly so as to facilitate the preservation of the sand dunes and surrounding fauna. The new bares are expected to be up and running around March 2018. Here are some pictures of the on going demolitions.




A comet called Noélia, great food experience nearby

Noelia Restaurante in Cabanas de Tavira

Salt of Portugal

Noélia composit

“One good thing about Winter is that it is easier to dine at Noélia” our Algarve friends told us. “In the Summer it is impossible to get in.” Curious, we made reservations a week in advance.

As soon as we sat down in this seaside restaurant in the village of Cabanas, we knew we were in for something special. There was a festive atmosphere and the aromas of the sea filled the air.

The restaurant is noisy but our waiter was a mind reader who guessed what we wanted without the need for much verbal communication. And so a perfectly chilled bottle of sparkling wine arrived, followed by a plate of steamed langoustines. “They were caught this morning” the waiter told us. “I know you’ll like them.” We were so impressed by the crustaceans’ exquisite taste that we vowed never to eat frozen seafood again.

Our main dish was rice with lemon…

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Salt-water tea, a new restaurant nearby

Novo restaurante na Manta Rota / A new restaurant in Manta Rota

Salt of Portugal


Two architects working in Lisbon, Paulo Esteves and Sandra Gomes, went to the Algarve to visit their family. By happenstance, they heard about a competition for the concession of a restaurant at the entrance of the Manta Rota beach. They were tired of their busy lives in the capital and yearned to be closer to nature, so they decided to apply.

A long time passed until one day, when they had almost forgotten about the competition, they learned they had won!

They called their restaurant Chá com Agua Salgada (salt-water tea). It is a beautiful place with a terrace overlooking the ocean. The food is great and tastes even better because the appetizing aromas are mixed with the ocean breeze.

Our meal started with octopus samosas that were crispy and flavorful, seasoned with a curry mayonnaise. Then came carabineiros, large shrimps from Algarve, paired with spinach wilted in oil and garlic. Next, we…

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