Agenda Monte Gordo Events

A Seasun fornece gratuitamente na sua página do facebook uma compilação de eventos em Monte Gordo e áreas circundantes

Seasun freely disseminates on its facebook page a list of events in Monte Gordo and surrounding areas


2018 UEFA Under-16 in Vila Real de Santo António

Hello Football lovers!!

Do you want to see up close the new Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi in action? From February 8 to 19 Vila Real de Santo Antonio will hold the 2018 UEFA Under-16 Tournament in the sports complex down the road from our apartments. Participating National Teams (both male and female) in the 2018 edition: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Portugal.

Free Entrance to the games!!

Check more details in the poster below:

UEFA Under-16 Monte Gordo


Free App: Algarve Events (iOS & Android)

A Região de Turismo do Algarve providencia uma aplicação gratuita que divulga eventos no Algarve – concertos e festiviais, arte e cultura, gastronomia, desporto, feiras e mercados e muito mais. Use estes links para fazer o download gratuito:

Sistema iOS 

***** ENGLISH *****

The Portuguese Government Agency “Região de Turismo do Algarve” provides a free web-based application that announces events in the Algarve – concerts and festivals, art and culture, gastronomy, sports, fairs and markets and more. Use these links to download it for free (the app provides English and Portuguese versions, only):


Agenda cultural verão – Cultural agenda summer

Agenda cultural verão 2016 no concelho de Vila Real de Santo António – consulte estes 3 links:

Clique aqui

Clique aqui

Clique aqui

Nas redondezas de Monte Gordo (citado da revista VISAO, 27 Julho 2016):

Concerto: Deolinda

Parque do Palácio da Galeria, Praça. da Galeria, Tavira > 4 ago, qui 22h > €15

Festival do Marisco

As sapateiras, as ostras e as amêijoas, entre outros mariscos e bivalves, voltam a “instalar-se” no Jardim Pescador Olhanense, junto à Ria Formosa, a propósito da 31ª edição do Festival do Marisco. A principal novidade são os preços dos ingressos, mais baratos: €5, excepto nos dias 12 e 14 que vão custar 8 euros. Também inclui música: Aura (dia 9), Expensive Soul (10), Os Azeitonas (11), C4 Pedro (12), Camané (13), Xutos & Pontapés (14). Jardim Pescador Olhanense, Olhão > 9-14 ago, ter-dom 19h30-1h30 > €5, €8 (dias 12 e 14), 7-12 anos €3, menos de 6 anos grátis

Concerto: António Zambujo

Parque do Palácio da Galeria, Cç. da Galeria, Tavira > 19 ago, sex 22h > €20

Dias Medievais de Castro Marim

Os visitantes são convidados a fazer uma viagem até à Idade Média, uma época habitada por reis e rainhas, nobres e cavaleiros. Vila de Castro Marim > 24-28 ago, qua-dom 17h-24h > entrada na vila €2; vila e castelo €6, 6-11 anos €3

Sob as Estrelas em Cacela Velha

Ciclo de cinema. Antigo cemitério de Cacela Velha, Tavira > 30 ago-6 set > grátis



Nearby Cultural Agenda for summer 2016 – check these 3 links

Click here

Click here

Click here

Other relevant events nearby Monte Gordo (citation from VISAO, 27 July 2016):

Concert: Deolinda

Location: Parque do Palácio da Galeria, Plaza.da Galeria in Tavira. August 4th, 10pm. Price €15

31st Seafood Festival

All kinds of seafood, from shrimps, prawns, lobsters, to clams and other. Location: Jardim do Pescador in Olhao (main street next to the sea). When: daily from August 9th to 14th. Entrance price (food not included; live music included): adults 5 euros, but 8 euros on the 12th and 14th (special concerts), children 7 to 12 yrs 3 euros, free for children under 6 yrs.

Concerto: António Zambujo

Location: Parque do Palácio da Galeria, Plaza.da Galeria in Tavira. August 19th, 10pm. Price €20

Medieval Fair

Location: Main streets of Castro Marim. When: daily from August 24th-28th, from 5pm to 12am. Price: vila 2 euros; vila and castle 6 euros; children 6 to 11yrs 3 euros

Under the Stars: Free movie screening at the cemitery

Location: Cacela Velha at the old cemitery. When: every night from August 30th to September 6th. Price: free.

Cacela Velha: Noites D’Encanto – Enchanting Nights

Cacela Velha – 14 a 17 de Julho 2016 (evento anual)

Ao longo de 4 dias, de 14 a 17 de Julho, a música, a gastronomia, o mercado e a animação marcarão presença nas ruas de Cacela Velha.

***** English Version *****

Event in Cacelha Velha July 14th-17th 2016 (held every year)

4 days of music, local cuisine, farmers’ market, pottery, artisan products, and entertainment.

Source: Noites D’Encanto

O melhor Polvo – Best Octopus

Salt of Portugal

St. Luzia (Polvo) Composit

The best octopus in Portugal comes from Santa Luzia, a small village near Tavira in the Algarve. The locals proudly call it octopus capital.

The shores of Santa Luzia are full of small shrimp that attract the octopi. Old-time fishermen lay clay pots called “alcatruz” in the water. The octopi cuddle in these pots to sleep and get caught when the pots are removed from the water.

Younger fishermen don’t like to wait for the mollusks to fall asleep, so they prefer to use a “covo,” a plastic trap with a sardine inside.

Old timers swear that the octopus caught with the alcatruz tastes much better than the one caught with the covo. But young and old agree that Casa do Polvo is a great place to eat octopus. There are many preparations to choose from, including carpaccio, stewed, fried, and roasted. Our favorite is “polvo panado,” octopus combined with egg and bread crumbs and then…

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Bolo Bolacha – Portuguese Biscuit cake

Salt of Portugal

Bolo de bolacha

Plato thought that the circle was a symbol of the divine. Alberti, an Italian architect, considered it the perfect shape. But no one was more obsessed with the circle than Guarino Guarini, a brilliant Baroque architect. His buildings are made of concave and convex spaces delineated by circles. One of his most important works, the church of Santa Maria da Divina Providência in Lisbon, was famous for its undulating facade. Sadly, the church was destroyed by the 1775 earthquake.

By happenstance, the circular shapes included in Guarini’s treatise, Architettura Civile, resurfaced in Portugal in the 20th century in the design of the popular bolo bolacha (biscuit cake). This cake is made with the circular Maria biscuits invented in 1874 by an English baker to celebrate the marriage of the Duke of Edinburgh with the Russian Duchess Maria Alexandrovna. To make the cake, the biscuits are dipped in strong coffee, layered with buttercream and then assembled according to designs…

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The extraordinary salt of Castro Marim

Salt of Portugal

Castro Marin Composit

The Romans loved salt. They used it to cook, to preserve food, and as a form of currency (the practice of paying soldiers in salt is the origin of the word salary). So, it is not surprising that the Romans settled in Castro Marim. This small town on the marshes of the Guadiana river produced great salt.

During the 20th century, this production became industrialized. The salt was harvested with heavy machinery that leaves plenty of chemical residues. It was then washed and processed to turn its grey color into white, striping the salt of magnesium, potassium, and other important minerals.

Artisanal producers abandoned their salt ponds and so did the fish and birds that used them as habitats. Centuries of knowledge about producing great salt was on the verge of being lost.

But then, the tide turned. In the late 1990s, a cooperative called Terras de Sal revived the artisanal salt trade. It invited a French…

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